Booking some shows for 2010.

It’s funny how after years of playing guitar, and long after you first went through the excruciating feeling of strumming a steel string for the first time, your fingers can go soft when you don’t play for awhile. I’ve been torturing mine lately, writing some new songs and finishing off many half complete ones that are eager to see the light of day. The pain is definitely worth it.

After a rather long hiatus (much longer than planned) I’m currently in the process of booking some solo shows for the rest of this year. My other music project “The Belle Curve” is also busily making music and have a few gigs coming up over the next month or two, which is super exciting!

So, you know how it goes…keep an eye on my shows page for upcoming gigs, and join the mailing list if you’d like updates. Can’t wait to get back out there and start gigging again. Hope to see you soon 😀

Oh and for upcoming Belle Curve shows, stop by our myspace page:

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