Drum Media Review + Triple J Unearthed + MusicOz

Ahhh the busyness…
I recently received a live gig review in the Drum Media, which I’ve put into my press section for you to have a squiz at. There’s lots more shows coming up too!
Also, I’m now on Triple J Unearthed, and I’m in the MusicOz Awards, and I would LOVE for you to vote for me!
For Triple J just click here:

Rate me on triple j Unearthed!

And for the Music Oz Awards (where you can hear some more songs off my EP) just click here:

Click here to vote for us!

To ACTUALLY VOTE for me in the Music Oz Awards, SMS the code amyn and then a brief reason why you think I should win (in 10 words or less) e.g.: “amyn she’s really cool” to 19708000 to register your vote.

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